Seeuferhause BUDDY….update

On the 3rd December I travelled to Canberra, ACT to visit some good friends in the K9 world and some of the Seeuferhause clan that find themselves up there, amongst others; Seeuferhause Buddy.

He is going great guns!!! A big thank you to my good friend Peter Sutton for the excellent job he is doing in raising Buddy. He has undergone a super socialising and development program that has brought him into adolescence in the best possible way!

Buddy is everything that he showed as the “spunky” little pup that left Seeuferhause kennels about a year ago. He is intense, focussed and strong. His prey / play drives are very good and his grip is everything you can wish for. Check the photos and look at the likeness to his father Rocky.

Seeuferhause Buddy
Buddy looking like his dad Rocky vom All Natal
Buddy's sire: Rocky vom All Natal

Sire: Rocky vom Allnatal SCHIII, IPOIII (imp GMY via USA)

Dam: Seeuferhause Jutta

Seeuferhause BUDDY

Buddy is the latest addition to the Seeuferhause kennel and a product of our many years of research and desire to bring the best of the working rottweiler world to Australia.

Buddy had a fairly rough introduction to this world, for reasons unknown to us, proven mother Jutta rejected this litter of puppies, forcing us to hand feed and then Buddy’s progress was hampered further by an infection. True to the fighting qualities of his pedigree he perserved and is now growing at rapid rate and has become a typical pain in the backside high drive working rottweiler.

Buddy is a super working prospect for our kennel. His prey drive is intense and his grip is fast, full and committed. Buddy’s father Rocky was nicknamed the VIPER at his schutzhund club in the USA; seeing Buddy launch himself for a committed strike on the rag/tug I can see where the name came from. To say I am pleased that this quality has been handed down is an understatement. In addition to the high drive Buddy is also environmentally secure and displays some elements of social dominance which I hope continue to develop as he matures.

2 thoughts on “introducing….SEEUFERHAUSE BUDDY

  1. Teena Eden says:

    Buddy looks georgous, and seems a little fighter.
    Is he for sale, and how much?
    He would be coming to a loving and great home.
    Teena Eden.

  2. Name (required) says:

    awesome looking puppy. i cant wait until Im in a better position to have one of your dogs. Abig sigh of relief seeing someone is producing REAL rottweilers

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