Accelerated Breeding Program

We are always looking for ways to further our breeding program in an accelerated manner without any negative impacts to our dogs. One of these methods that can be employed is a multiple sire breeding.

A multiple sire breeding is Dogs Victoria approved method of breeding 2 or more sires to the one female in the hope that the same litter will produce off spring from each male. As it is likely the number of progeny will not be any different to a normal litter in our opinion it is best to limit the number of sires to 2 to increase the likelihood of progeny from both and with some luck in numbers that will allow for genuine selection options.

Our first attempt at this type of breeding is listed on our Planned Litters page.

The first combination is, Seeuferhause Quantus and Seeuferhause Varus bred to Von Zennith Falke. If successful, this will be Falke’s last litter for Seeuferhause and she will then be placed in a forever home to live out her life.

The second combination is, Seeuferhause Wolf and Seeuferhause Varus bred to Yultzen Matilda. Once again if successful it is likely this will be Matilda’s last litter for Seeuferhause.

We will post the results of these breedings on the website to keep everyone informed….stay tuned.

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