Microchipping & DNA

At Seeuferhause we believe in the integrity of our breeding program and as such support all measures that allow for the traceability of our pedigrees.

One such process is that of, microchipping. This however poses an issue that as breeders of performance animals we need to be mindful of – PAIN. The microchipping process is a painful one, if you dont believe me grab a spike of some sort and push it under your skin……Yikes!!!!

I believe that this process is best completed at the second vaccination and not the first. We generally vaccinate the 1st time at 6weeks, and this is a neccessity so that we can commence the socialising programme of the puppies, however microchipping is not. If you also think about the entire vaccination event, car trip, new room, strangers handling the pups etc you can forgive the little beasts the microchipping till a later date.

As such we have made arrangements with our veterinary clinic (Fawkner Veterinary Hospital – Dr Tony Meese) for microchipping at our cost, for all Seeuferhause puppies at the second vaccination. A further benefit of this is the microchip is automatically in the name of the current owner of the dog as opposed to the breeders name – history shows that people very rarely change the ownership details on microchip databases leading to a wild goose chase if something untoward were to happen.

We have now successfully trialled this initiative with our U and V litters, and it will be standard practise from here on. Another benefit for us is the feedback that we receive from the vet on how our pups are travelling.

The topic of DNA is now common place in most discussions with various breeders and it is certainly a process that is here to stay and in my belief will be mandatory in due course.

We are currently investigating the options available to us and in due course all of our breeding stock will be DNA profiled. As an extension of this, any stud dog that may be considered for inclusion in our program at that time will also need to be DNA profiled in order to be approved.

We will keep you posted….

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