Seeuferhause Training Day

In our quest to continually improve our dogs, there will be a series of training days held for the Seeuferhause Rottweiler community over the next few months.

These training days will be conducted by professional K9 trainers that I have had personal experience with over the years and as such have great confidence that the information they will impart on our rottweiler family will be most valuable and without question most beneficial to all.


The first training day will be held at the Von Forell K9 Training Center, located in the outer Melbourne suburb of Pheasant Creek, just outside of Whittlesea. This is one of the best settings for a K9 training facility that I have seen and certainly the best facility that I have personally attended.

The training ground is fully fenced, there is ample parking. The seminar room is of corporate standard and all required amenities are available to make your day as comfortable as possible.

Von Forell seminar room
Von Forell Training Grounds
Von Forell Remote Collar Workshop


The seminar will be run by Mr. Kris Kotsopoulos the owner of Von Forell, a renowned German Shepherd and Doberman breeder who is also a K9 training professional that has many times been referred to as the “trainers trainer!”

Kris and his Dobe, Eick
Having devoted 32 years of his life to the research, development and education of working dogs, this paired with extensive work in the area of animal welfare, Kris has now expanded his professional horizons by sharing his knowledge with the community as a consultant for a range of government agencies and animal welfare groups.

For the past three decades, Kris has travelled extensively gaining valuable knowledge and skills around the globe from the world’s best International trainers, breeders and animal behaviourists. As a result of his enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge, Kris has acquired a unique an in-depth understanding of raising, developing and training dogs for a variety of purposes.

Through the skills and successes he has achieved, Kris has gained a sound understanding of what motivates animals to behave the way they do, and just as importantly, how to apply this knowledge to achieve specialised goals. Kris currently shares this knowledge by operating both National and International training programs, seminars and workshops, each individually tailored to meet the needs of the general community, other trainers and government agencies globally.

Kris has implemented a variety of learning systems ranging from basic family obedience, to the most demanding Schutzhund, IPO, Police, Prison and Professional Security animals.


One of the biggest challenges with breeding high drive working dogs is ensuring that the purchaser and owners of these dogs are capable of managing them in a responsible manner. This challenge is taken very seriously by Seeuferhause Rottweilers and is the reason for the Puppy Program that we have initiated that is run in conjunction with several professional training establishments around Australia. The next step in fulfilling this responsibility is the running of these specialist seminars that will benefit all that attend irrespective of your level of experience and prior learning.

Kris will provide valuable insights into all of the required components of rearing, developing and training of working dogs.

He will also cover the use of various training tools, such as clickers, remote collars, tugs & balls and you will also have the opportunity to participate in various training / drive building exercises with your dog.

Now, whether you want to train a competition dog or just ensure your family companion is a well behaved canine citizen, the concepts are similar in their application and after all, please remember you actually own a rottweiler that is genetically geared towards working!!


The seminar will be held on Saturday 27th October, 2012 commencing at 9am sharp. Allowing times for breaks and lunch, it is anticipated that the seminar will run till 5pm.

The cost for the seminar is $220 per participating person and you are encouraged to bring your dog(s). Limit 2 dogs per person. Lunch will be provided, please advise if you have any special dietary requirements.

This seminar is also offered to all Von Forell Dobermann and German Shepherd owners. It would be a great opportunity for other dog owners to meet and establish long lasting relationships with like minded people.

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