Size, Substance & Bone Strength = Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)

When Clyde landed from Germany one of the first impressions he left you with was “that’s a big dog!!!”

Everywhere we take Clyde we seem to get the same response. Now we’re starting to see the same in his progeny who are just starting to come of age. To date, Clyde has had limited breedings for our kennel and only a couple of outside studs. Our reasons for the limited use is that we are preparing our bitch line for him and given he is a young dog his time will come.

So far I have seen progeny from 3 different litters.

Mamba, bred by the Rotvel kennels in Howlong NSW. Mamba is approx 15mths old, 68cms and 55kgs. Mamba is a magnificent male rottweiler with excellent markings, super bone strength, very nice head, long teeth, dark pigment and an exceptional stable, calm and very strong temperament.

MAMBA - Clyde X Rotvel Aussie Ying
MAMBA - Clyde X Rotvel Aussie Ying

Lex, bred by the Von Koutz kennels in Melbourne VIC. Lex is 13mths old, 68.5cms and 50kgs. Lex is a very nice male rottweiler with excellent headtype, excellent substance and very strong bones. Lex has a calm, stable nature and when challenged shows the strength that is commensurate with his bloodlines.

LEX - Clyde X Guardstarz I Am Ruby
LEX - Clyde X Guardstarz I Am Ruby

You will agree that both of these males irrespective of any conformation short comings have 3 things in common; SIZE, SUBSTANCE & BONE STRENGTH. Add to this excellent head types and you have the makings of some very good, masculine male rottweilers. Given time they will mature into very formidable dogs.

Another glimpse at Clyde’s ability to produce is the Seeuferhause “J” litter. Jutta, Joker, Janko & Jumbo.

Jutta’s page can be seen on this website and photos of her litter brothers will be posted in the next couple of weeks. We have stayed in touch with the owners of the “J” litter and the message is consistent, very large 50kg+ males.

My belief is that Clyde’s genetics are responsible for his ability to consistently produce this type of size, substance and bone strength irrespective of the bitch line. Clyde is linebred 4-4 on the famous Jero Vom Kressbach. Jero was a super producer of working temperaments and large dogs. Jero himself was a large male; 68cm / 56kg. In addition to this, Clyde is also linebred on Aki von der Peeler Hutte also known for producing large dogs. Clyde’s mother is also a large female with excellent substance.

With the consistency that Clyde has produced to date and his genetic background his next 2 litters are very promising.

Our current litters page has our current offering from Clyde listed. He has been bred to Seeuferhause Echo and the litter is showing excellent signs of the size, substance and bone strength that we expect. The next litter from Clyde is on the way also. He has been bred to Guardstarz Myth (Zena) who is an absolute powerhouse in her own right. Our expectations for these two litters are very high.

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