introducing Seeuferhause LUCIANO

Seeuferhause LUCIANO

Sire: Ass von den Golan Hohen, SCHIII, (imp GMY via USA)

Dam: Seeuferhause Delta

Luciano is the latest addition to the Seeuferhause kennel and a product of our many years of research and desire to bring the best of the working rottweiler world to Australia.

Luciano is a super working prospect for our kennel. The combination of previous stud dog, Doc and Ass make for a very interesting combination of some very extreme working rottweilers.

His demeanor is that of a very self assured puppy; he is environmentally sound and to date has displayed an excellent array of working drives. High prey drive and a super. very deep grip!!

Luciano exhibits excellent conformation, substance, bone strength and colour.

Seeuferhause Luciano

One thought on “introducing Seeuferhause LUCIANO

  1. Michael says:

    This dog looks like a ripper! Can’t wait to see what he turns out to be!

    Will be a real ball tearer and will be an asset to the Australian Rottweiler community!

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