Sire: Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)

Dam: Rotvel Aussie Yang

Jumbo is an exciting breeding prospect for our kennel.

He is the brother of Seeuferhause Jutta and son of our German import Clyde vom Tanneneck. Both Jutta and Clyde have already proven to be excellent producers of the true Seeuferhause rottweiler, and we have high hopes for Jumbo.

Jumbo is a large male, tall, substantial and with good bone strength. He has a large typey rottweiler head, very dark eyes & mouth pigmentation along with very rich mahogany markings. He is physically very strong and has a very well developed musculature, straight back, deep and broad chest with a well sprung rib cage.

He is stable and social with an underlying strength of character that cannot be ignored.

Jumbo will be submitted for breeding qualification over the next couple of months and his first breeding is anticipated towards the middle part of 2012.

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